Sunday, March 17, 2013

Compass Rose Floorcloth

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

The new studio space has been humming with activity, including the creation of a large floorcloth for a client in Arizona.

Here is a little peek at how our "Compass Rose" floorcloth has been progressing...

The process began with our client sending us her design ideas, as well as paint and fabric chips showing the colors she would like incorporated in her custom floorcloth. We then laid out a design and showed her the image online for approval.

Then it came time to create the floorcloth. First, the canvas was measured with the help of our young studio assistant.

After that, the canvas was stretched on a wooden frame, stapled in place and painted (front and back) with several primer coats.

The paint for the main ground was mixed to match our client's decor.

The initial paint coat was applied with a scraper, later to be blended with a paintbrush.

After the compass design was measured and laid out, tape was applied to ensure nice, clean edges.

After the second color was applied, the tape was removed.

Here the cloth is nearing completion. Once the paint dried, we went over all the areas with a second coat of paint. We also inspected the cloth with a "fine tooth comb" to make absolutely sure that all edges were smooth and paint coverage was even.

We then painted the North, East, South, West letters on the cloth.

Once the paint has cured, we apply sealer. After the sealer cures, we remove the cloth from the frame. Then, the cloth is prepared for shipment and off it will travel to its new home.

Stay tuned!

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