Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Second Studio, Last Fall

Those who have visited us before, know that we have two studios, side by side. Here's an old photo:

Geoff is currently painting the studio on the right - to get it ready for the season. See photos here. Here's a shot of the interior of that space from last fall when we were open for a studio tour. That's our newest studio member Jannique on the left :)

Larissa's Glass

We are so pleased to have the beautiful glass work of artist Larissa Blokhuis on display in our studio/gallery.
Larissa is a recent graduate (BFA) of the Alberta College of Art and Design. Her work celebrates sea life.
Here you can see some of it hanging in the studio...

And this is one of her jellyfish...

Be sure to stop in this summer for a glimpse of Larissa's wonderful pieces.

The Studio - Interior Photos

As we prepare our studio for the upcoming season, we look back at some interior photos from previous seasons.

This is the view to the right, as you walk into the space.

This is the view to as you step further into the studio and look left...

And the view to the left as you walk in...

Our counter area...

The Wharf Mural

Geoff is making good headway on the mural near our studio. This one is a labour of love and is taking a little extra time, mostly because Geoff can only work on it in his spare time and only when the weather cooperates. Here are some photos of where it currently stands. These were taken last fall. As soon as the weather warms up, he will be back at it.

Here is the concept sketch:

Remembering Summer...

To get us in the mood, here are some photos showing the studio in the summertime. Warmth, sunshine, soft breezes, ahh...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Painting the Walls

Geoff has been busy painting the inside of the second studio.
It will be white, bright and lovely!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Ready...

Spring has come early to our part of the world and for us, this means we can start working on getting the studio ready for the season.

Geoff is busy painting and sorting the space. At least as long as the weather holds...

Stay tuned and be sure to check out our new website design!