Thursday, December 29, 2011

Studying Geoff Slater

Here's some exciting news...

Students from around the globe are learning about Geoff and his line painting technique. Some are even creating works of art in his style.

Artwork created by grade 5 students from Richardson Elementary School (in the style of Geoff Slater)

Some examples:

In Otter Lake, Minnesota
This project will challenge students to create a scene using one continuous line.  Students will learn how line can create shape and depth, and infer movement and texture in a composition.  The work of Geoff Slater, a contemporary artist, will be discussed.

In Bountiful, Utah at the Quick Cricket Preschool
After a yummy snack and some play time, we introduced Geoff Slater, a modern artist who lives in New Brunswick.  Check out his website at  He paints beautiful pictures of things he sees outside using a techniques called 'Amaze Art' that uses one continuous line to paint a picture.  Our study of line and preparation to study shape was really enhanced by looking at his art and trying to make one ourselves.  It is hard to leave space between lines like he does!  It really is Amaze-ing!

In Attica, New York at the Attica Middle School
During sixth grade, our students begin to really focus on the concept of design. Projects concepts include symmetry and radial symmetry, using a grid system and composition. Our students really hone down on their craftsmanship skills at this level. Some artists discussed in class include Geoff Slater, Leonardo Da Vinci and Grant Wood, and we divulge more into color theory in order to prepare the students for upper level middle school art.

In Wilmington, North Carolina
We will also be examining how the lines create geometric, free form and organic shapes. Some of the artists we will be talking about are: the use of lines by Geoff Slater, the repetition of geometric shapes by Joseph Kyle, and the implied texture of Albrecht Durer.

In Fort Madison, Iowa at Richardson Elementary School
Grade 5 students created artwork based on Geoff Slater's paintings.

In Gorham, New Hampshire at the Family Resrouce Centre
Students learned about Geoff Slater and his artwork after studying line.

In Rensselaer, Indiana at the Carnegie Center
Students learned about Geoff Slater’s “Amaze Art” and used a single line to create a beautiful flower.

Have you studied Geoff? Let us know!

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