Thursday, December 29, 2011

Studying Geoff Slater

Here's some exciting news...

Students from around the globe are learning about Geoff and his line painting technique. Some are even creating works of art in his style.

Artwork created by grade 5 students from Richardson Elementary School (in the style of Geoff Slater)

Some examples:

In Otter Lake, Minnesota
This project will challenge students to create a scene using one continuous line.  Students will learn how line can create shape and depth, and infer movement and texture in a composition.  The work of Geoff Slater, a contemporary artist, will be discussed.

In Bountiful, Utah at the Quick Cricket Preschool
After a yummy snack and some play time, we introduced Geoff Slater, a modern artist who lives in New Brunswick.  Check out his website at  He paints beautiful pictures of things he sees outside using a techniques called 'Amaze Art' that uses one continuous line to paint a picture.  Our study of line and preparation to study shape was really enhanced by looking at his art and trying to make one ourselves.  It is hard to leave space between lines like he does!  It really is Amaze-ing!

In Attica, New York at the Attica Middle School
During sixth grade, our students begin to really focus on the concept of design. Projects concepts include symmetry and radial symmetry, using a grid system and composition. Our students really hone down on their craftsmanship skills at this level. Some artists discussed in class include Geoff Slater, Leonardo Da Vinci and Grant Wood, and we divulge more into color theory in order to prepare the students for upper level middle school art.

In Wilmington, North Carolina
We will also be examining how the lines create geometric, free form and organic shapes. Some of the artists we will be talking about are: the use of lines by Geoff Slater, the repetition of geometric shapes by Joseph Kyle, and the implied texture of Albrecht Durer.

In Fort Madison, Iowa at Richardson Elementary School
Grade 5 students created artwork based on Geoff Slater's paintings.

In Gorham, New Hampshire at the Family Resrouce Centre
Students learned about Geoff Slater and his artwork after studying line.

In Rensselaer, Indiana at the Carnegie Center
Students learned about Geoff Slater’s “Amaze Art” and used a single line to create a beautiful flower.

Have you studied Geoff? Let us know!

Jantje's Art in the Telegraph Journal

Jantje had a nice Christmas gift this year --- her work was chosen to be included in a special holiday edition of the Salon section of the Telegraph Journal.

The theme was holiday literature and Jantje's piece was featured alongside stories by Jo-Anne Elder and Kathie Goggin.

Here's how it looked in the paper...

And, here's a link to the online version:

Meanwhile, we are all busy planning our new works of art for next year. Also, a brand new Jarea Art Studio website is in the works. And, we continue to build our Etsy shop.

Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year :)

Andrea, Jan(tje) and Geoff

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Geoff's Prints - Now on Etsy

We finally got around to adding Geoff's prints of St. Andrews to our Etsy shop -- just in time for the holidays :)

These are delightful reproductions of Geoff's original watercolor paintings. There are eighteen all together and they can be purchased for just $15.00.

You can find them at:

Next, we will be adding some wonderful images created by Jackie Guthrie. Stay tuned...


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cold Days - Warm Art

The days are getting chillier down by the sea. So, to warm you up... here are some hot new Etsy art listings :)

These modern abstracts have been painted by Andrea Mulder-Slater and range in price from $300 to $600. Perhaps someone on your Christmas list might appreciate the gift of art this year...


Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Stone Spirit Sculptures from Jantje

Wow - We have had an incredibly mild fall here in St. Andrews so far and we have all been enjoying the sunshine and warmth!

Jantje has been busy building new "Stone Spirit" sculptures. These latest creations will be added to our Etsy store soon. These sculptures are made from rocks, stones and pebbles formed by the ebb and tide of the Bay of Fundy.

Here are some photos of Jantje hard at work in our downtown studio. That's Jackie Guthrie's colorful painting in the background.

Meanwhile, Jantje's sculpture "Just Resting" has been sold to a collector from New Zealand...

Just Resting

And, her "Friendship" sculpture was featured on the homepage of Etsy!

To see more Stone Spirits, visit our Etsy store and stay tuned for the newest creations!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Stone Spirits by Jantje

Jantje has been hard at work creating a number of new sculptural pieces. Inspired by the ocean, she (along with Jannique) has been collecting rocks from the water's edge. The sculptures range in size from 2" tall 6" tall and she has plans to make larger installation works as well. We're all looking forward to seeing what develops.

Jantje calls these new pieces, "Stone Spirits" and they will soon be appearing on our Etsy site.

For now, here's a little teaser...


Monday, August 8, 2011

Stones, Lines and Coffee (just another week in the life...)

As usual, with summer comes the rush...

So much to do, so little time. Still, lots of terrific things are happening in the Jarea Art world these days.

Jantje's sculpture "Seven Rocks" which is currently in the 2011 Kingsbrae Garden Sculpture Competition, is now sold!

Here's how she described this piece:

"We are surrounded by rocks of all sizes and shapes. Rocks have been the source of inspiration for mankind throughout time.

"The combination of the earth's natural elements rocks and steel rods resemble our resilience to persevere.

"Throughout time the number seven has played a large role in many cultures. Seven corresponds to the seven days of the week, the seven planets, seven rungs of perfection, seven spheres of celestial stairs, the seven petals of the rose, the seven branches of the shaman's cosmic tree and so on. Seven denotes the fullness of the planetary orders, the fullness of the energies and principles in spiritual order. Seven was the Ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, and symbolizes the dynamic perfection of a completed cycle. Seven conveys the fresh start after a cycle has been completed and of positive regeneration. Seven occurs in countless Ancient Greek traditions and legends—the seven gates of Thebes., the seven strings of the lyre, the seven spheres… There are seven emblems of the Buddha and seven primary chakras in the subtle energy system."

Then, Geoff's line painting "Preparing for the Ride (Self Portrait)" was purchased by a lovely family from Montreal. This piece will be shipped later this week.

Meanwhile, I have been busy with our Etsy shop. I recently added a new line of products, especially designed for coffee lovers like me. Coffee Charms are miniature coffee paintings, framed in magnetic frames and shipped in coffee bags. I'm busy making more every day and (in addition to having them online at etsy) I will be putting them on display in the studio by the water later this week.

Find them online here:

Until next time,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Art Items Added to Etsy

The summer season is always busy for us in our little resort town by the sea. Still, I have been trying to squeeze in some Internet time to update our etsy site. We signed up last year but didn't really have the time (or knowledge) until now to really get to work - so to speak.

The latest items to be added to etsy include Jantje's super cool cutlery sculptures.

They are really unique and make use of recyled materials. And, they are just $35 plus shipping! What a deal :) Find them here:

In addition, I've included some of my coffee paintings.

I've had a good time photographing them in what's known as "lifestyle" shots. There are currently three of these available...

Meanwhile, I have a brand new line of products to unveil. They are small, easy to ship, inexpensive and really, really fun. I'm waiting on two shipments from the states to complete the packages and then, I will add these new little gems to etsy.

Stay tuned and join our facebook page to get all the updates!

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Folk Art Festivities

For the past few months, Jantje has been working on organizing a folk art exhibit at Kingsbrae Garden. In addition to works from seven artists from around the Maritimes (including Jantje), this exhibit  includes a selection of early Canadiana pulled together by folk artist and collector Brian Allen Adams.

Last night, the exhibit opening took place and it was a hit! Several pieces sold and people were charmed by the fun and friendly works of art.

Here are some photos of the reception...

Also, for the reception only, visitors to the Kingsbrae Art Gallery were treated to some original historic pieces of folk art from Maud Lewis, Joe Norris and Joe Sleep.

It was such a fun evening. The show continues through October 8th, 2011 and admission to the gallery is free.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Blues (of a different kind)...

With the studio buried (literally) under many feet of snow, we headed south to recharge our batteries and warm up! There's nothing quite like the sights and sounds of blue ocean waves crashing into a sandy shore...

Winter is a time for the three of us to think about new work for the upcoming season. Lots of new ideas are peculating so be sure to look for unique works of art from Geoff, Jan and Andrea this summer.

Both Geoff and Andrea are preparing work for upcoming shows - Andrea this spring/summer and Geoff in the fall of 2012. Meanwhile, Jan and Geoff are both preparing sculptures which will be on display this summer at the Kingsbrae Sculpture Garden. Jan has also been putting together a group of folk artists who will show their work at the Kingsbrae Garden Gallery this July to October.

Jannique too has been hard at work, playing, painting, sleeping and learning everything she'll need to know.

Also, we are thrilled to announce that this summer, we are welcoming two new artists to Jarea -  Gerald Cloud and Jackie Guthrie are both painters.

Photos and details are coming soon...