Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is blue and green and ready for creativity?

Our office/studio is nearing completion. What I mean by this is that we have floors, we have lights, we have desks and we have all of our junk assembled in one place. [You may remember how it looked a month or so ago]. As the upcoming days and weeks go by, we will be busy getting our stuff in order so we can be as productive as we can be.

For the floors, we went with an ocean blue laminate from Germany. Our green desktops are courtesy of Ikea as are the white storage units, the wooden boxes, the baskets... you get the picture.

This is where it all happens folks.

Once step closer to organized.

Kid friendly, of course.

These photos were taken before additional worktables arrived. Also, you will notice that our walls are freakishly empty. Stay tuned for more updates.

Meanwhile, the big studio (aka Geoff's room) is getting closer to completion as well. Soon, it will even have walls. Just imagine...


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