Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer 2012

This summer, we decided to freshen up the buildings by the bay. We began by repainting the floors. Building 1 was painted a nice rusty brown - reminiscent of mud flats. Building 2 was painted a nice, bright turquoise - as was the trim on the outside of the buildings.

We renamed our spaces "Jarea Art Gallery, Folk 'n Fine" to reflect the fact that we now carry a nice selection of folk art and fine art created by artists from across the province. This year and are thrilled to announce that, in addition to the work of Jantje (Blokhuis-Mulder), Geoff (Slater) and I (Andrea Mulder-Slater), we have work from:

Wilma Blokhuis, Larissa Blokhuis, Jackie Guthrie, Gerry Cloud, Cedar Sky, Randy Russell, Jamie-Lynn Doak, Joe Hunt, Beatrice McFadden, Mary Cormier, Lillian O'Connor, Curtis McFadden, Christin Lambert, Leo Narcisse Robichaud, Betty Stuart, Tangled Love Decor (Chavah Haddon and Zach Palmer), and more (oh my!)

Here is a little taste of how our spaces are shaping up this summer:

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