Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giving back: Art for heart

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

As artists, we are often asked to donate our work to help raise funds for various causes -  and we are always happy to help. Sometimes the donations take the form of creating a work of art at an event - for the purpose of auctioning the completed painting off at the end of the evening.

Geoff in particular enjoys "the art of performing" and never shies away at an opportunity to paint in public - especially for a good cause.

Geoff painting at a Cancer fundraiser, at the Minister's Island Picnic and at the Saint John Arts Centre

So, he was happy to oblige when asked to paint a picture at the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmer's Association's Chef's Gala Dinner during the annual  Bay of Fundy Seafood Week held at the Algonquin Resort Golf Clubhouse. He along with fellow artists Theresa MacKnight and Adam Jeffrey helped to raise $600 for the NB Heart & Stroke Foundation!

ACFFA Board Chair Larry Ingalls was the lucky bidder who took home the above piece by Geoff.
Theresa MacKnight, Adam Jeffrey and Geoff Slater with their paintings.

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